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VeriTran is developing the Infinitran™ product line of continuously variable transmissions. Infinitran™ products are based on our patented technology for controlled epicyclic gear trains.

Technical image Our InfiniTran™ technology offers significant advantages in many applications:
  • Infinitely Variable - continuous output from forward, to neutral, and to reverse in a single device with no clutch
  • Broad Scaling - designs adapt to applications ranging from fractions of a horsepower and few ft-lbs output torque to hundreds of horsepower throughput and thousands of ft-lbs of output torque.
  • High Efficiency - novel traction arrangements and gearing lead to high efficiency without the torque converters that competing designs often require.
  • Manufacturing Ease - reduced internal stresses and material requirements plus simple shapes enable easy manufacture.
Please contact us to learn how we can apply our technology and Infinitran™ products to enable your applications to enhance performance, improve energy efficiency, and reduce system costs.

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